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An update, new film project, etc

And just like that I find myself already ankle-deep (soon to be waist-deep) in a new short film project. I’m incredibly excited about it but I’d rather not spill too many of the beans for now, as it’s in the early stages and could still evolve substantially as it takes clearer shape.

I’ll just say for now that it’s drawn from the same feature-length project as was Hell is Round the Corner. But if I can say so myself, I think it holds significantly more potential as a self-contained short than did that previous film. And I learned so much last time around that I personally feel much better equipped going into this project.

Things are moving quickly so far, and many of the major pieces are coming together already. But I don’t want to vastly overpromise and underdeliver on the timeline like I did last time, so I’ll keep quiet for now on that front.

And speaking of underdelivering on timelines, it looks like I’ll definitely miss my “by the end of 2016” goal for my “An overview of the problem of evil” series. Between holiday preparations and travels, and this new film project very quickly and unexpectedly roaring to life, I haven’t gotten any further yet with that series than the introductory post. Maybe with some luck I’ll at least have a chance to post the next entry in that series before the end of the year, but don’t hold me to it. Sorry, I’m a terrible blogger, I know!

For now, here’s Tricky’s Pumpkin, from his 1995 masterpiece Maxinquaye.

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