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Election observations from my seven year old

grahamFrom Graham:

“So why do we need a president?”

“How come there are only two choices?”

“My classmates just want the person to win that they like, but they don’t even know what they’d actually do. Some of them want Hillary to win because she’s a girl, but what if she wants to take over the world!? And Aiden just likes Trump because his dad likes him, but he doesn’t even know what he’d actually do.”

That last one especially made me cackle with delight, particularly because these weren’t prompted directly by me. I have strong opinions, no doubt, but I don’t want him to mindlessly parrot me. So I try hard not to be overbearing but instead to give him space to work through questions on his own, with a bit of Socratic steering on my part. And if and when he reaches different conclusions than I do, perhaps I can learn a thing or two from him.

Excellent observations Graham! Analysis much more probing than what one is likely to hear on FOX or CNN.

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