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Former cop Michael Wood on guns, the drug war, systemic racism

Eye opening interviews with Michael Wood, formerly of the Baltimore PD. An insider’s look at the inner city school-to-prison cycle, the endless futility and death trap of the war on drugs, what systemic racism in the policing system looks like, and what, perhaps, can be done about it all. As Rogan says several times, “It’s very rare to hear a cop talk like this. I’m really happy that you’re coming forward and speaking like this.” Here’s their first chat together in its (long!) entirety:

And here’s a segment from their second chat, about gun laws and the proliferation of weapons. Perhaps the most interesting portion of the discussion here, I think, is from about the 21 minute mark till about the 30 minute mark, dealing with the actual empirical reality about whether “concealed carry heroes” might statistically help to curb overall gun violence.

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