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Holy Fuck | Chimes Broken

There’s been a butter knife sighting!

For a layperson such as myself (and I say this with nothing but love, seriously), oftentimes when I’m watching a live performance by a solo electronic artist, there seems to be no discernible correlation whatsoever between the myriad dial twists and button flips and miscellaneous jib jabs executed by the musician, and the actual music coming through the speakers. Really, is that shit even plugged in? Because I would be none the wiser if you simply pressed the play button on the CD player hidden beneath the table and then hopped around chaotically from knob to knob on the control board, pretending to “recreate” your tracks live.

Exhibit A: Bonobo’s NYC Boiler Room set. I love Bonobo (posted some of his tracks recently, in fact), but I can’t personally make heads or tails of what it is that he’s actually doing during the set.

Just sit back and dance. Enjoy. Play DJ. Who cares whether you’re actually “performing” the tracks?

Holy Fuck, on the other hand, is pretty darn fun to watch live. Partly because there are multiple musicians, some of whom play more traditional instruments, and their performances therefore feel more visually familiar. Partly because I think sometimes I actually can discern a correlation between the electronic sounds coming through the speakers and the mad wizardry of Brian and Graham up front.

But mostly because they sometimes pull some incredibly badass stunts, like playing with a friggin butter knife!

And dammit, I want to see this taken to the next level! Will some electronic artist please come along and perform their live sets by rubbing broccoli all over the dials, slapping the turntables around with a limp fish, you get the idea. Until that gorgeous day arrives, let us content ourselves with the butter knife sighting below:

(Btw, most of Bonobo’s live sets actually do involve multiple musicians and a more traditional visual presence.)

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