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Tomorrow we’ll still be ruled by the same vicious bastards

voteBarring some sort of bizarre miracle, I suppose.

Hillary is “a centralizing cog” of the bloodthirsty establishment–mass murderers and thieves who’ve slaughtered and impoverished millions around the globe and who are careening toward World War III with Russia and China.

The Donald appears actually to be an outsider. Too bad he’s a raging sociopath–a misogynistic xenophobic pig with an insatiable power lust of his own. He makes an easy target for the establishment (“hey at least we do our murdering, thieving, spying, and torturing in the urbane and sophisticated style of Obama and Hillary”), and at the very most, he’d replace the devil we know with the devil we don’t, but a devil in either case.

We’re in a pickle, to be sure. But there are ways to start pushing back.

Refuse to elect these sorts of bastards. Agitate for ranked choice voting, which would allow people to much more easily vote their values. Fuck this “politics of fear, that tells you you’ve got to vote against the person you most dislike, or the person you’re most afraid of–that politics of fear has a track record: the expanding wars, the meltdown of the climate, the Wall Street bailouts, the deportation of immigrants–that’s exactly what we’ve gotten by allowing ourselves to be silenced.”

Better yet, agitate against the presidency. It’s the most absurdly bloated and bloody accumulation of power the world has ever seen, and there’s not a damn thing holy about it. Why do we put up with such an outrageous institution, with hyper-concentrated power over life and death, sold to the highest bidder? Why are we even in this situation in which we have to be so afraid of who gets elected? Why do we put up with these endless orgies of political theater and of incomprehensible campaign spending, which could likely feed the world about 1000 times over if put to better use?

Even better yet, agitate against the US government itself. Break it up. There’s not a goddamn thing holy about it. It doesn’t protect us against the warlords and the banksters. It is the warlords and banksters. It’s a nice tidy centralization of power that’s much easier for powerful and ruthless people to corral and control than if that power were dispersed and decentralized instead. We can learn to have an ounce of regard for ourselves and for our neighbors by holding peaceful cooperation as our default mode of interaction, rather than the forced violence intrinsic to all political action. And we’ve gotta get over the myth of the idealized founding-era past. As Lysander Spooner said (over 100 years ago!), “This much is certain – that [the US Constitution] has either authorized such a government as we have had or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”


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