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Trump is just another Obama, but with a greasy suit

obama-trump-face-swapOne resounding positive of the presidential election is that it signaled a massive populist middle finger to the corrupt and bloodthirsty tyrants who rule the US, as well as to their watchdog lapdog media of FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and associates.

Trump himself strikes me as deeply misogynistic and xenophobic, and although I don’t doubt that a non-negligible percentage of his supporters share these sentiments in common with him, my sense (primarily anecdotal, though with seeming basis in much of the election data) is that he was elected not because of that but rather in spite of that, for his promise to “drain the swamp.”

And indeed the DC swamp is a vile and bloody one, in dire need of draining.

Unfortunately, this populist uprising has disastrously miscalculated, by placing its hopes in the hands of yet another unscrupulous con artist who will be already is right back to business as usual.

The whispered front runners for Trump’s treasury secretary are Jamie Dimon (head of JPMorgan Chase) and Steven Mnuchin (former Goldman Sachs official). So much for cutting incestuous ties with Wall Street, as Trump insinuated he would and blasted Hillary on account of. However, it shouldn’t be any terrible surprise, as Mnuchin has already been serving as Trump’s campaign finance chief. And he’s Donald Trump, for crying out loud.

It certainly caught my attention during his campaign that Trump talked about scaling back the US’ global military empire, that the war in Iraq was a mistake, etc. But he’s already completely reversed his position on removing troops from South Korea, which is a bad sign of what’s to come. One of Trump’s advisors recently said (anonymously) of his foreign policy that “I think what we are going to see is a very mainstream Republican administration.”

And it’s certainly no secret that he’s cozied right on up to Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and plenty of the other usual suspects, greasy career politicians the lot of them.

(Wait, why did I say the other day that he seems actually to be an outsider? I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to the close details.)

Donald Trump is most definitely not the answer.

But I don’t feel any acute grief over this election, as so many seem to be feeling right now. Trump’s vile talk of banning Muslims, building walls, demonizing immigrants, assaulting pussies, etc etc ad nauseam, absolutely is deeply troubling to me. [It’s remotely possible that we’re on the brink of Nazi Germany 2.0, though I very highly doubt that.] But for those feeling acute distress and grief (or elation) over this election: I suspect that indicates that you’re not recognizing or fully acknowledging how deep our problems run.

There’s no genuine, substantive difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama. Trump is just another Obama, but with a greasy suit.

Obama has the cool and sophisticated demeanor that has endeared him to so many in the US and abroad. But his administration has only continued and intensified the unimaginably blood soaked foreign policies of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, etc, etc, etc, etc. If we truly care about Muslim people and about people of color, how can we ignore the millions around the globe (including countless women, to be quite sure, and many in the LGBTQ community) who have been ground into the dust over the previous decades by US invasions, sanctions, drones, tanks, bombs, and other barbarities? Hillary Clinton would be absolutely no different, and in fact she already has a massive river of blood on her hands.

If we truly care about the well being of our friends in Mexico and Latin America, why do we ignore the disastrous role of the war on drugs which–more than anything else–creates the conditions in which vicious drug kingpins are able to thrive and spread murderous chaos? Don’t we remember the prohibition era of the 1920s, and how the black market in alcohol fueled the violence of Al Capone and mass organized crime in the US? And here in the US there are massive racial disparities in the arrest and incarceration rates for drug-related offenses. Barack, Hillary: do you actually care?

One could go on. And on. How about the Federal Reserve system, the bailout system, the military industrial complex, etc, all of which drain the pockets and drink the blood of the most vulnerable here and abroad, on behalf of the most powerful and ruthless among us. Barack? Hillary?

Obama’s reign has been an absolute bloody, thieving, spying, torturing monstrosity, and the really insidious part about it all is that he’s got such a darn smooth style, which distracts oh-so-many people from the underlying substance. We’ve gotta cut right to the heart of the beast. And Hillary is right at the heart of that beast, so don’t weep for her.

We the common people do have substantive disagreements on important public issues. No doubt about that. But we’ve gotta recognize that by far our largest problem is a shared problem: namely, DC itself, right down to the fundamental structure. The sooner we can recognize that, the sooner we can pull the knives away from each others’ throats, and the sooner we can make genuine and lasting headway toward a more peaceful and prosperous world.

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